Driver in Valley Village accident is from Glendale

The 19-year-old driver of an accident that left two women dead when they tried to offer aid in Valley Village Wednesday night has been identified as a Glendale resident.

Arman Samsonian ran his SUV into a light pole and fire hydrant on Magnolia Boulevard and Ben Avenue, according to Los Angeles Police Officer Norma Eisenman.

The crash, which occurred around 8:45 p.m., created an electrical pool of water near the wrecked car.

Irma Zamora, 40, of Burbank and another woman were electrocuted by an estimated 4,800 volts of electricity and killed as they tried to help. Six people were also injured. Zamora’s husband, who had to be restrained from going after his wife, was also shocked, but not as badly.

Samsonian’s sister told CBS that her brother, who blames himself for the deaths, attempted to help the women who he saw lying down.

“He told me to please get flowers and take it to the site. He really feels bad for these poor women,” Ani Samsonian told CBS.

Zamora’s son, David Aguilar, said his mother always tried to help people. After her death, their Burbank apartment “doesn’t feel like home anymore,” said the 21-year-old

Ani Samsonian said her brother knows that the crash has affected many people.

“Everyone involved in this is going to be changed forever,” she told CBS. “Nobody is going to look at life the same way,”


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-- Brittany Levine, Times Community News 

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