Q&A; with Upland delegate Stephen Larson

As part of its coverage of the Republican National Convention, Times Community News met with members of the GOP delegation from the 27th and 28th Congressional Districts - the areas that serve our coverage cities. Next up: Stephen Larson, a former federal judge from Riverside.

Larson, who has seven children, received some media attention in 2009 when he resigned from the federal bench, saying the $169,300 salary was not enough for him to support his family.

What city do you live in, and what do you do for a living?

Upland, California. Attorney with the law firm of Arent Fox LLP

How did you become a delegate?

I completed and submitted an application. I have been involved with the campaign through fundraising and serving as a judicial advisor.

Why do you believe it's important to be a delegate?

It is a privilege to participate in our democratic system of government; this year in particular is a very important presidential election, the results of which will have a profound impact on the direction of our nation for years to come.

What is the most important issue facing the GOP during this election? Generally?

The most important issue facing the GOP during the election is getting the electorate to know the Mitt Romney that we know - a great and generous family man who cares deeply about his country and its people.

What is the most important issue facing Southern California in this election?

The economy is the most important issue facing Southern California, as well as the nation. The sustained unemployment and stagnant economic growth needs to be turned around. I believe that the pro-growth policies of Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan represent our best chance for reversing economic trends quickly.

According to the California Secretary of State, registered Democrats in Los Angeles County outnumber Republicans by more than a 2-to-1 margin. What are the challenges in forwarding the GOP's issues?

The biggest challenge is convincing the majority of all voters - both Democrats and Republicans - that the current administration's fiscal and monetary policies are a failure, and that a prosperous future that benefits everyone depends on electing Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan in November. This election cannot be about voting for who we like, but who we need.

We need Romney and Ryan.

-- Dan Evans, Times Community News
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