Police target 'knock-knock' burglars on Westside, Valley

Los Angeles police searched seven locations Wednesday, including a bank and several pawn shops, searching for evidence in connection with so-called knock-knock burglars who have been targeting affluent neighborhoods.

Burglars fitting the same mode of operation targeted North Glendale several times earlier this year.

At least 10 people were detained Wednesday, and another 50 have already been arrested in connection with the burglaries. They are called "knock-knock" burglars because they typically knock on a person's door or business to see if anyone is inside before breaking in.

The burglars have contributed to a sharp rise in the number of burglaries in the San Fernando Valley and Westside, police said. Los Angeles police say there have been 300 more robberies in their West and Valley bureaus this year compared with 2011.

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Glendale, Los Angeles team up to stop burglars who target affluent communities

-- Andrew Blankstein and Jason Song, Los Angeles Times

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