Glendale Community College campus to remain closed Wednesday due to power outage

All day and night classes for Wednesday have been canceled at Glendale Community College as officials continue to investigate the cause of a campuswide power outage.

It's the second time in as many weeks that an equipment malfunction has force officials to close the campus down due to lost power.

The most recent outage occurred Tuesday night.  College spokeswoman Wendy Grove said the power failure was likely related to the same equipment.

Students who arrived at the campus Wednesday morning were turned away.

“They haven’t let anybody on,” Grove said.

One of them was 21-year-old Somi Park, who arrived from La Crescenta to find campus police blocking the entrances with yellow caution tape.

The power outage complicated Park’s physical education class for the second time since last Friday when the power went out the first time.

She has six more hours to complete the required 64 hours required by next week.

“We’re living in the 21st century. That doesn’t make any sense,” Park said. “I can’t finish because the whole school is shut down.”

After meeting with officials Wednesday morning, Interim Supt. Jim Riggs said a crew was addressing the problem.

-- Kelly Corrigan, Times Community News

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