Fees fund Glendale public services

Glendale has raked in $5.4 million in development fees since 2007, more than double the amount the city had made by December last year, officials reported.

The revenue is earmarked for curbing the impacts of new developments, and more residents, on parks and libraries.

Much of the money — roughly $2.7 million — came in during fiscal year 2011-12. That's up from nearly $1.5 million generated during the prior year.

Nearly $1 million of the fees went to improve the Adult Recreation Center and the Pacific Park Aquatic Facility, according to the city.

Not only have more developments been coming to Glendale — including multiple apartment complexes — the fees have increased. In January, the fee doubled from $3,500 to $7,000 per unit.

Developers far enough along in the process were able to pay their fee early to avoid the rate bump, but since then, more money has been flowing in.


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