Suspicious 'package' at GCC parking structure turns out to be empty luggage

An unattended piece of empty luggage shut down a parking lot at Glendale Community College Monday morning after the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s bomb squad was called in to investigate.

The luggage, discovered in Parking Lot C off East Mountain Street  at 7 a.m., was reported first to the college’s police department, which called in Glendale police and later the bomb squad.

“It turned out to be an empty piece of luggage,” said Glendale Community College Police Chief Gary Montecuollo. “There was no sign of criminal activity.”

As a precaution, the parking structure was evacuated and a campus-wide email was sent to all students, faculty and staff.

By 10 a.m., the bomb squad had determined that the luggage did not pose a threat to safety.

“People were very understanding and patient with the protocol we had to follow,” Montecuollo said. “We’re thankful there was no evidence of any foul play.”

-- Kelly Corrigan,

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