Glendale to lift ban on alcohol at city event spaces

The City Council this week voted to allow the sale of hard liquor, in addition to beer and wine, at several city parks and public facilities starting in 30 days, a move intended to make those venues more attractive to revenue-generating events.

Officials plan to attract weddings and other parties to city facilities to increase revenue by allowing alcohol at sites such as Deukmejian Wilderness Park & Barn, Brand Park Tea House & Garden, the Catalina Verdugo Adobe and others.

Burbank and Pasadena both limit alcohol consumption at city facilities to beer and wine, according to a city report. Long Beach and Garden Grove permit all types of alcohol.

The move to open Glendale up to beer, wine and liquor sales comes as officials have been struggling with how to close yawning budget gaps by brainstorming new revenue streams.

Despite the new allowances, party planners who want to use the facilities will have to apply for a permit from the city, pay for one security guard for every 75 people, and secure a $1-million insurance policy.

Other cities, such as Burbank, Pasadena and Monrovia, also require the $1-million policy, according to a city report.

Party planners will also be required to limit the time during which alcohol can be served.

-- Brittany Levine,

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