News-Press Editorial: A good idea with the right safeguards

Soon party planners hoping to entice more guests to attend their events will be allowed to sell hard liquor, beer and wine at parks and other public facilities within the city's limits, following a vote this week of the City Council.

In approving the sales, the council ensured a new revenue stream to help make ends meet for the strained city budget. Such a course of action is not unfamiliar; many cities long ago realized that allowing organizations and private parties to make alcohol available to paying guests makes those properties far more attractive to planners who want to see their events become successful. That's especially the case when a fundraising event is in the offing: A little bit of alcohol, served in moderation, can boost auction bids and raise the net proceeds of an affair.

In addition to requiring a permit for such events, the city is wisely requiring planners to limit the hours that alcohol will be served, secure a $1-million insurance policy and pay for one security guard for every 75 guests. These parameters provide necessary safeguards for the city and are easily achievable by organizers.

We raise our glasses in support of this decision. May the park reservations come flowing in.

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