Glendale Police helicopter aids in firehose retrieval

A Glendale police helicopter on Thursday hauled away several hundred feet of the water hoses used last week to fight a 75-acre blaze in Glenoaks Canyon.

The hose lines were left behind on May 3 after more than 200 firefighters battled flames that swept through tinder-dry brush and prompted neighborhood evacuations.

PHOTOS: Glendale Police assists Glendale Fire to gather hose after fire

Officials opted to haul away the water hoses using helicopters to save time and avoid potential injuries to firefighters, who would have had to trek up the hillside to retrieve them, said Glendale Police Lt. Steve Robertson.

Helicopters were also used after the blaze was contained to check for potential flare ups, using infrared, heat-sensor technology to relay their locations to ground crews.


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