A message for the mayor

I am thoroughly embarrassed and disgusted to witness the condescending and insulting manner in which the mayor of this grand city of Glendale treats our neighbors, especially Messrs. Mohill, Zavos and Molano and Mrs. Hammond, who have the courage to speak at City Council meetings.

Nowhere in our U.S. Constitution, state or city laws does it allow the degradation, insults and name calling spewed out by this mayor. It is also a poor reflection on the City Council members when they silently support this kind of behavior from the mayor.

A mayor is sworn into his or her position to serve the people. Our mayor has repeatedly taken a stubborn attitude of "my way or no way". He adjusts time limits for comments from the people to suit his whims and in a discriminatory manner.

Mayor Weaver, may we respectfully remind you that the people in Glendale cast their votes for other candidates also? Those voters should be respected even though their candidate did not win. They heard other opinions and agreed with that voice. We hope Mayor Weaver respects that fact and knows that Americans do not appreciate a dictator at any level of our government. The appearance of a belittling attitude toward the people is disrespectful and will constitute a part of one's legacy.

Perhaps our mayor should pay attention with an open mind to some of the comments presented at City Council by our people. He and the rest of us might learn something constructive and beneficial to Glendale. We all want the best for Glendale, don't we?

Dolores Francis

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