News-Press Editorial: Weaver's antics don't reflect well on city

It wouldn't take long for a new observer of Glendale City Hall to understand why the current mayor, Dave Weaver, was passed over by his colleagues for the top post for several years running. He seems not to have fully grasped that public service is a privilege and that a statesmanlike presence is not optional.

The last time Weaver served a turn as mayor was in 2006. His antics during that year, and in subsequent years as a councilman, apparently gave the other council members enough pause to withhold the honor. We are left to guess why, exactly, he was handed the gavel in April.

Regardless of the reason, one might have hoped the mayoral mantle would have cooled his temper. But his sulking, bullying and derogatory remarks continue. He sticks his foot firmly between his front teeth all too frequently, leaving others squirming in the uncomfortable wake of his outbursts. Worse, he uses the same foot to stomp on the rights of citizens to speak their piece.

And there's more. Consider the police appreciation and awards event in May when he actually said, in front of all assembled, that he'd like to have the guts to climb down off the council dais and punch out gadflies during council meetings. We understand feeling that way sometimes, Mr. Mayor, but that's just not something one says out loud.

We're not expecting perfection, and we understand that being a mayor is a difficult job. But the person who is leading this city must maintain a dignified demeanor with all the varied people he encounters. Patience is essential, excellent listening skills a must. Weaver's thin-skinned responses to those who do not share his point of view do not reflect well on either himself or our city.

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