Glendale ranked one of U.S.'s most preppy cities

Have you sported a popped collar from an Americana store, attended private school or perfected your swing at the nearest country club?

These factors could be a sign that you're from Glendale, one of the country's most preppy cities, according to real estate blog Movoto, which named the Jewel City one of the top preppiest cities in the United States.

POLL: Do you think Glendale is one of America's preppiest cities?

The real estate analyzed the following criteria to measure preppiness:

  • Number of preppy clothing retailers per capita
  • Country clubs per capita
  • Equestrian centers per capita
  • Private schools per capita
  • Presence of boarding/preparatory schools
  • Percentage of college graduates with a bachelor’s degree or higher
  • Median household income

 Do you think Glendale is one of America's preppiest cities? Take our poll.

-- Nicole Charky,

Follow on Twitter: @nicosharki.


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