Timeline: Former Glendale councilman John Drayman's trial

April 2007: John Drayman wins a seat on the City Council and leaves his position as president of the Montrose Shopping Park Assn. board of directors.

May 2011: Police announce they are investigating embezzlement allegations made against Drayman by Montrose Shopping Park Assn. board members in connection with the group’s weekly Harvest Market. Police serve a search warrant for his condominium.

December 2011: Shopping park representatives announce they expect the 2011 Harvest Market to make $140,000 in income — nearly $100,000 more than what the market reaped during the years of Drayman's involvement.

September 2012: A public defender takes over Drayman’s case.

November 2012: Drayman gets a new public defender, delaying his case yet again. He will have several more pre-trial meetings throughout 2013.

December 2012: Montrose Shopping Parks Assn. announces to City Council that its budget for 2013 grew to roughly $525,000, the biggest it had ever been.

September 2013: Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Stephen Marcus rejects Drayman’s plea deal and rules he should go to trial. 

November 2013: Drayman’s trail scheduled to begin. 

Source: Glendale News-Press reports

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