Schiff: A government shutdown would damage economy

As a government shutdown looms to possibly begin at midnight (EST) Monday, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Burbank) said it would adversely impact the economy and blamed Republicans in Congress who have "once again created a crisis that has put America’s fiscal health in jeopardy – this time over their fervor" to defund or delay Obamacare.

“A shutdown would be a self-inflicted wound on an economy still struggling to recover,” Schiff, who also represents Glendale, said in a statement. “ If Congress can't take measures to affirmatively create jobs and support the recovery, it should at least get out of the way. We must cease these political games over the nation’s budget and the endless rounds of legislative brinksmanship.

A shutdown – even a partial one – would have wide-ranging effects on California’s economy and a number of essential government functions that Southern Californians rely on, Schiff added.

“It’s time to end this destructive exercise that puts our nation’s economy, credit rating, and hard-working families in needless jeopardy,” Schiff said.

Some government functions continue during a shutdown, such as active duty military, programs written into permanent law, postal service and air traffic control.

Schiff outlined some of the services that would impacted such as national parks would close, military personnel would have to work without pay and approval of small business loans could be delayed.

Also, veterans could be denied education and vocational rehabilitation benefits and state guardsmen and women would not be paid, Schiff said.

-- Mark Kellam,

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