Chat archive: Armenian media in Glendale, Burbank

Join Times Community News editor Dan Evans and reporter Joe Piasecki for a LIVE chat about the eight Armenian American television stations and nearly a dozen Armenian American newspapers in the Jewel City.

To view an archive of the live chat, held Oct. 8 at 12 p.m., click here

Check out the recent story on this issue: Glendale and Burbank are Ground Zero for an emerging Armenian media landscape.

Local Armenian diaspora press links:

Armenian American Broadcasting Corp. (AABC)
Armenian Media Group of America, Inc. (AMGA)
Armenian-Russian Television Network (ARTN)
Best TV
High Vision TV
International Christian Family Network
New Wave TV
USArmenia TV 

The Armenian Observer
Armenian Reporter
Asbarez (Arena)
The California Courier
Massis Weekly (Mount Ararat)|
Molorak Weekly (Planet Weekly)
Nor Hayastan (New Armenia)
Nor Or (New Day)
Oragark (Agenda) 
USA Armenian Life

Live Chat: Armenian Media Growing

-- Nicole Charky,

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