Kids duck and cover during quake drill

Children in Glendale's schools got a lesson in earthquake preparedness Thursday during the annual Great ShakeOut event, joining people around the world who participated in the event, which was organized by the Earthquake Country Alliance.

Students across California were part of more than nine million people in the state to participate this year, in addition to people in Southern Italy, Guam, New Zealand and Alaska. In Glendale, students dropped under their desks and then evacuated their classrooms after the “earthquake.”

According to the Earthquake Country Alliance, the best action people can take during an earthquake is to drop to their hands and knees to prevent from falling. Ducking under a table or desk can protect a person's head and neck.

PHOTOS: Great Shakeout at Glenoaks Elementary School

The organization also recommends staying away from windows, mirrors and hanging objects while inside during an earthquake, and avoiding trees and power lines if an earthquake strikes while a person is outside.

-- Kelly Corrigan,

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