Improv marathon keeps students wide awake

By the time noon came around on Saturday, Hoover High drama students and their teacher had largely stayed awake for 17 hours in the drama room on campus where they hosted their annual 24-hour improv marathon event.

By that time, Kristina Laue, who was one of the few students to sneak away to her house for some sleep before returning to the school early Saturday morning, was performing with freshman Vivica Rush, who took a half-hour nap at 4 a.m. Saturday morning. Their task was to pretend they were scientists on top of Mount Everest trying to stop the meteor from crashing into the mountain.

“When you're tired, the wackier your ideas are and that makes the story fun,” said senior Gabby Carreiro.

Their drama teacher, Dave Huber, said students can learn more in 24 hours about performing than in a weeks-long professional improv class that can cost hundreds of dollars. In addition, he said, “Everybody gets to know each other a lot better.”

-- Kelly Corrigan,

Follow on Twitter: @kellymcorrigan.


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