On the Town: The year ends with art, shopping and worship

On Sunday, Glendalians were having fun in very different ways.

Those of the artistic bent went to the Forest Lawn Museum on Glendale Avenue. The featured exhibit "L.A. Woman — Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow" displays the works of 24 female artists who have made an impact on Los Angeles art, history and culture.

The installation attracted men and women. Glassell Park residents Bonnie and Sam Kurtz took their four children to the museum. Attracting the couple was an oil-on-wood panel, titled "The Woman Is a Doctor," by artist Margaret Garcia.

The notes from the artist state, "The portrait is of Dr. Ana Anikan, who was undocumented at one time. When she crossed the border, she was deported back to Mexico. She finally successfully crossed again, stayed and eventually got her education. She is now a doctor of ophthalmology."

Some of the exhibition installations were a little tougher to figure out. Glendale resident Melissa Rajaii, a Forest Lawn client representative, was happily on hand to explain why there are three large piles of clothing as part of one art piece. One pile is red, another blue and the third is white. Rajaii explained that the clothes represent women's oppression in sweatshops.

In a video accompanying the piles, artist Suzanne Lacy discusses that in the sweatshops of old, women earned 15 cents to make one shirt. The red, white and blue colored piles represent the colors of the American flag and the patriotism toward the United States felt by many of the women immigrants who labored in the sweatshops.

Earlier in December, the Glendale Commission on the Status of Women presented "A Day of Art, History and Culture" at the museum. A reception, panel of art experts and boutique shopping accompanied the "L.A. Woman" exhibit.

"L.A. Woman" will be on display at the museum through Jan. 5


If visiting a museum isn't your thing, shopping at the Americana at Brand is always in order.

On Sunday, many out-of-town visitors basked in the after-Christmas shopping glow. From Beverly Hills came a large family who enjoyed their Middle Eastern lunch at Glendale's Raffi's Place restaurant followed by a visit to the Americana.

Keller Williams broker Simin Fahim took photos of her family that included her sister Soosan Popoff, brother-in-law David Popoff, brother Habib Fahim, father, Mo Fahim and husband, Cy Bazazi.


Sunday church services were attended by many Glendale residents. Members of the Christian Outreach for Armenians Church rent the facilities of the Glendale Presbyterian Church each Sunday afternoon for an Armenian service.

There is also a junior-high and high-school service, Sunday school for children from 4 to 11 years old, and a nursery for newborns to 3-year-old children.

Following the services is fellowshipping on the patio. This past Sunday, a small bake sale brought in donations for Winter Camp 2014 at Camp Arev in Frazier Park. The donations will pay for junior high students who otherwise couldn't afford to attend camp. Youth leader Brianna Armstrong helped man the bake-sale table.

Having enjoyed the bake sale's red velvet cupcakes were sisters from Glendale, Solin Nickolie and Poulet Nickolie. They are regular attendees at services at the Christian Outreach for Armenians Church.

Happy New Year's Day!


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