Man allegedly waves pistol at driver

Police are looking for a man who allegedly brandished a handgun at a woman whom he believed was following him.

The woman was reportedly circling the area near Zook Drive at about 11:15 a.m. Monday in search of a parking spot and happened to be behind a blue truck, according to Glendale police spokeswoman Tahnee Lightfoot.

But the driver of the 2012 metallic blue truck suddenly pulled to the curb, exited his vehicle and jumped into its bed.

He reportedly grabbed a bag, pulled out a black semi-automatic pistol, jumped out of the truck bed and began approaching the woman.

Lightfoot said the driver pointed his gun at the woman and made a gesture, asking her why she was following him

She immediately began backing up her car and drove away.

Police described the driver as a 34-year-old, white male with black hair and brown eyes, 5 feet 9, 150 pounds and wearing a T-shirt.


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