Police bust second marijuana grow, hash-oil operation in Glendale

Investigators uncovered a marijuana grow and hash-oil operation Thursday night, making it the second such potentially dangerous discovery in less than two weeks in Glendale.

Police arrested a man and a woman in connection with the drug operation, which was discovered inside a home in the 1200 block of East Lexington Drive during a probation compliance check,  Glendale Police Sgt. Luis Pasache said.

"It puts the community at risk," he said, adding that the home is between two apartment buildings.

A Hazmat team responded to the scene to secure the home due its volatile conditions.

Police seized approximately 10 pounds of marijuana, at least 30 butane cans and three tubes used to create the highly-potent oil, he said.

"Butane honey oil” is a waxy substance that can produce an even stronger high for users, who can inhale or vaporize the oil without the strong odor of marijuana.

Hash oil has become increasingly popular among users, prompting some novices to attempt to make it in their homes.

But in some recent cases, attempts to produce the oil have resulted in explosions.

Police said the potential for explosion was significant at similar hash oil operation discovered March 29 in the 800 block of North Glendale Avenue.

At that operation, police seized 2 ounces of hash oil and approximately 181 butane cans.

In the latest discovery, police found more than just a hash oil operation. Upon entering the Lexington Drive home, police reportedly found a couple of glass display cases, credit card readers, a heat-sealing device and glass pipes.

"They are kind of acting like a dispensary," Pasache said.

Investigators found roughly 18 marijuana plants growing inside a downstairs room. Another room appeared to be used to house a second grow, while a third room was set up for shipping and packaging, he said.

A handgun was also seized from the home.

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