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Letter: Thoughts on computer classes at Glendale Central Library

Photo Gallery: Glendale Downtown Central Library reopens
A letter to the editor muses on the possibilities for computer classes at the Glendale Central Library as well as at the upcoming Armenian-American Museum.
(Tim Berger / Staff Photographer)

The various proposals for the Armenian American Museum are said to include plans for classrooms, as well as for computers. Ergo, introductory computer classes could be offered therein, in Armenian, to assist both recent immigrants as well as those who have lived here longer.

This could free up some space in the Glendale Central Library’s own computer complex. The computer room on the library’s first floor, composed of a concentration of computers that are designated for instruction purposes only, is perfect for concerted classes.

Well, yay! I was just informed the Central Library is going to be offering two levels of introductory computer classes this very fall: level one in October and level two in November.

Off topic, the latest post-Pasadena Rolling Stones concert on the band’s tour of the U.S. was scheduled to have been completed on Monday, Aug. 26, in the city of Glendale itself. (Oh darn, it was in the city of Glendale, Ariz., that is!)


Harvey Pearson
Los Feliz

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