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Letters: Armenian American Museum, traffic issues, GCC parking draw readers’ comments this week

Conceptual rendering of Armenian American Museum
Citing space and parking issues, a Glendale reader writes to say that the original proposed site near Glendale Community College would be better for the Armenian American Museum than downtown in Central Park.
(Courtesy of the Armenian American Museum)

The proposed Armenian American Museum in Central Park is a very handsome building. Squeezing it into a small area of Central Park is a disservice to the building.

The museum needs space around it, not a small area where it will overpower the buildings already on the site, the Adult Recreation Center and the Glendale Central Library, eliminate needed parking spaces for those facilities and, more importantly, remove the last bit of green space in downtown Glendale.

The original proposed location near Glendale College where it will attract students and members of the public makes much more sense.

Marie Fish



I was in a Ralphs market in Glendale on a hot September Friday, at around 10 p.m. The power failed and the lights, running on emergency backup only, suddenly became very dim. There was an immediate outcry.

A father, while shielding his toddler in the cart, loudly said, “What the *&%* going on?”

I was near the back of the store, and immediately two mothers with children gathered close and asked, “Is something bad happening?” and, ”Are we OK?”


Several people rushed to the automatic doors, which had failed. A young store employee worked to force them open for each of those who wanted out. Another young employee was apologetically reassuring people who could no longer check out to just leave their carts and head home.

I tried to reassure the mothers who were near me, and the father with the toddler that this was just a typical summer power overload and there was no reason to be afraid.

What bothered me was just how quickly a normal, SoCal event became a frightening thing for people.

I was in a similar situation 20 years ago in a supermarket and it was met mostly with humor along the lines of, “With the price of these groceries, you’d think they could pay their power bill!”

This was very different. It both unsettles me and makes me sad that there is so much unspoken fear just below the surface for a fair percentage of our fellow citizens.

William Martinez
Los Angeles


The cost of rent in Glendale has been getting out of control. My family and I have been living in the same apartment for more than 10 years. In that time we have seen the rent increase over and over again.


My parents had no trouble when we first moved in, but after several years they began struggling. Their income does not rise as fast as the rent does. How is one supposed to live comfortably? If personal income increased at the same rate as rents do, no one would have any trouble paying rent.

There should be rent control so property owners can’t raise rents like crazy. If the landlord has already paid off the apartment or house, why are they still raising rent? I think they see an opportunity to get some extra money and they take it and run with it.

Everyone just cares about themselves nowadays and it is just really sad, honestly. Although other places have rent control, Glendale doesn’t. Why not?

Amasia Aslanian
GCC student


I am a student at Glendale Community College. GCC is a wonderful college and I am so blessed to be here, but there is limited campus parking. I understand that GCC is still growing, and it is getting better. New parking spaces have been added, but there are still not enough parking spaces for everybody.

Drivers hunting for a parking space stalk people walking in the lots, waiting for them to get into their cars and leave. It does help if you arrive one hour early for class, but student population is growing and the parking situation is only going to get worse.

I’m experiencing the best years of my life here, but something has to be done about parking on the GCC campus.


Seline Khodabakhshi

The sight of cars zooming through school zones is common in Glendale. Every day children walk to and from school and aren’t given a thought by reckless drivers. It is obvious that many drivers in the city of do not follow simple traffic rules, whether it be a school zone or on an empty street.

More speed bumps and traffic lights near school zones and parks are necessary to keep children safe. Speed bumps would obviously prevent the drivers from going over the speed limit. Lights would help, as well, along with more crossing guards at schools.

These solutions are implemented in some places, but not in all areas. Parents should not worry about whether or not their child will make it home because of careless drivers.

Vanneza Venzor


I am a student at Glendale Community College. Twice a week I have two classes separated by 90 minutes. During that 90-minute break, I like to go get some food, either on campus or at the food plaza across the street from school. The food is great, though prices are high.

When I purchase lunch at school, I really don’t want to spend $10. I am on a college budget, after all. Yes, there are pizza slices on campus for $3, but that really isn’t that filling. I am still hungry after just one slice. The center across the street has great, satisfying food, but after taxes, the total for one burrito or one bowl is $8 to $9. That is just way too expensive.

After I eat my lunch, I would really enjoy some form of sweet treat, such as ice cream, but there is no such place that offers that. It would be nice if there was some dessert type of place in the center across from campus. There is one vacant spot at that center that would be perfect for that type of business. Cold Stone Creamery, Baskin-Robbins, Yogurtland or even Rita’s Italian Ice would be a decent addition to the existing food places there.

Christopher Samaha
La Cañada