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Letter to the Editor: Expand Griffith Manor Park

Griffith Manor park re-opens to the public on July 2, 2011
A Glendale reader suggests that since Glendale is lacking in park space, Griffith Manor Park should be expanded. Above, Nick Farr plays soccer on the grass before the July 2, 2011 reopening ceremony of Griffith Manor Park after it had been renovated.
(File Photo)

Anyone exiting the northbound 5 Freeway on Western Avenue in Glendale will see Griffith Manor Park, a small quaint park with a vast expanse of an empty parking lot and a vacant lot directly adjacent to it.

Why isn’t this park expanded? There are just railroad tracks on one side and a wide boulevard on the other.

While the city is pouring millions into park renovation and considering wild ideas like a park/bridge spanning the 134 Freeway, this opportunity remains idle. This is a senseless use of land in a city lacking for parks.

Vic Bedrossian