Letters to the Editor: A second vote to expand park and an invitation to ‘Shredding Day’

Griffith Manor park re-opens to the public
Two readers this month have suggested the city consider expanding Griffith Manor Park by taking advantage of a parking lot that is largely unused. Above, residents enter the Glendale park during a reopening ceremony on Saturday, July 2, 2011 after renovations were made there. The park originally opened in 1937.
(Cheryl A. Guerrero/Staff Photographer)

In regards to the letter from Vic Bedrossian in the Oct. 19 Mailbag recommending the expansion of the Griffith Manor Park: I agree100 % with his recommendation.

We drive by the Griffith Manor Park frequently when we go to visit our daughter who lives just off Alameda Street in Burbank and when we go to the Home Depot. My wife always comments about the fact that the large parking lot west of the park is never used.

This is a wonderful opportunity for the Glendale City Council to actually create more park area to Glendale’s limited park space available. This would be a wonderful park for the residents in the Rancho area and Pelanconi Estates. No one can deny that Glendale desperately needs more park space to serve its residents.

Albert Hofmann



It’s that time again when all Glendale residents have a chance to securely shred their old confidential papers while they watch.

This year’s popular Shredding Day event, sponsored by Northwest Glendale Homeowners Assn., is Saturday, Nov. 2, from 9 a.m. to noon in the parking lot of Grandview Presbyterian Church, 1130 Ruberta Ave.

A professional shredding truck with a video camera and monitor shows documents being destroyed. It’s rather fun to watch and can be hypnotic.


Members of NWGHA get three boxes free and then the cost is $7 per box thereafter. Residents joining that day get the membership discount. Nonmembers pay $7 per box.

This is a once-a-year event even though many have asked for this to be done twice a year. It is not feasible for our volunteer organization to hire the truck more often. So gather up your old tax returns and bank statements and whatever else is no longer needed and come on over.

Carol Brusha
Board member, NWGHA

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