Letter to the Editor: Reader concerned about future of Burger King due to proposed hotel development

Burger King
Because of a proposed hotel, the future of the Burger King restaurant on Central Avenue in Glendale is uncertain.
(File photo)

Hotels “under construction” would, by definition, not include the proposal for yet another multistory hotel at 515 thru 523 N. Central Ave. — the latter address currently being a totally affordable, A-rated, simply great-tasting “Burger King” restaurant — one with not just one, but two television sets in prime locations.

That even beats the recently renovated McDonald’s, a bit down across the street, which, so far, has no televisions at all.

Now, the purported proposal states that all of these businesses will be demolished” (as two signs so starkly state) — in favor of yet another so-called “transitional” zone hotel within Glendale’s Downtown Specific Plan’s northern boundaries.

But even various tenants of the apartment building right next door to this great Burger King restaurant are upset at the prospect of all the would-be construction noise, etc!


The debate over this proposal is currently scheduled to take place in a hearing room at the Glendale Civic Center in room 105 of the Municipal Services Building, located at 633 E. Broadway, at 3 p.m. on Jan. 14. It’s scheduled to be the first item on the agenda.

One can expect that the developer’s representatives will make it a point to be there, for sure.

Come one, come all, residents and/or Burger King customers alike.

Otherwise this proposal will make this very special Burger King (including its spacious parking lot, no doubt) along with a variety of adjacent businesses, into one big “corpus delicti” — so to speak.


Harvey Pearson

Los Feliz

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