Letters: Hauler plan should be trashed; group invites all to City Council candidates forum

 Curbside bulk trash pickups free next week
A reader writes to object to the Glendale City Council’s plan to reduce the number of trash-hauling firms serving customers here.
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Re: “Glendale to slash number of trash-hauling companies operating in the city,” Feb. 1.

Please, say it isn’t so.

I own several apartment buildings in Los Angeles, and when the Los Angeles City Council and Mayor Eric Garcetti approved the trash-hauling franchise system my trash-hauling bill instantly doubled. No explanation. “That’s just how it is” I was told. That is exactly what will happen when Glendale approves this plan

All the same reasoning: congestion and increased pollution as well as wear and tear on our streets. And my very favorite: “sustainability,” whatever that is.


The street in front of my house needs to be completely replaced, and the only trash trucks that come by my house are city of Glendale trucks on Tuesday.

According to the article, Glendale Mayor Ara Najaraian stated, “My thought is we’ve come too far to turn back.” Let me get this straight: If you get lost and go down a long dusty road and at the end of that road is a 300-foot deep canyon do you just drive off the cliff because you have come too far to turn back? What an idiotic position. A bad idea is a bad idea no matter how long you consider it.

This very plan created a monopoly in Los Angeles and it will do the same in Glendale. The only losers will be the property owners stuck with double trash collection rates or more and nowhere to go for relief.

Please stop the nonsense!


Jim Kussman


Attention all Glendale voters! Thursday, Feb. 13, is the last forum for City Council candidates before the new voting process begins.

Put on by the Northwest Glendale Homeowners Assn., the forum will be held at 7 p.m. at Brand Library Auditorium in Brand Park, 1601 W. Mountain Street.

I suggest that voters with mail-in ballots, who most likely have received theirs by now, wait before marking and sending them off since it will be the last opportunity to meet and question the candidates on issues that are personally important to you.

With three seats and eight candidates (of whom two are incumbents), this is an important city election.

Carol Brusha
NWGHA board member