Letters: Reader suggests turning Sears building into quarantined hospital

“The Sears in Glendale that closed permanently earlier this month should be used as a quarantine hospital to prevent the risk of the spread of the novel coronavirus,” writes local resident Rachel Melikian
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The Sears in Glendale that closed permanently earlier this month should be used as a quarantine hospital to prevent the risk of the spread of the novel coronavirus. If China was able to build a hospital within seven days, we can make the necessary accommodations to turn Sears location into a hospital.

The owner and the city of Glendale must work together with hospital specialists for humanitarian purposes during this crisis.

There are other ways the Sears building could also be used, including for storage of food, water and medical supplies to be distributed as needed. Obviously it would need to be thoroughly disinfected first, but that should be easy to accomplish.

Sears is an excellent choice for a quarantine hospital as each floor could be used to the level of degree of the severity of the patient: first floor for first degree, second floor for second degree, third floor for third degree. Once patients are quarantined properly, they could be transferred as necessary to a local hospital.


If the Sears building were instead to be used for food storage, volunteers could distribute food from there to the homes of senior citizens, as they are at more risk to catch the virus if they go out and do the shopping themselves.

These are just some of my ideas that might help during this crisis.

Rachel Melikian



I would like to thank the city of Glendale for their swift response in removing graffiti from a concrete wall and fence in my neighborhood. The graffiti was removed within a day or two of my request and everything looks brand new again.

I know the city workers have a lot on their plates during these uncertain times and I appreciate their assistance!

Patricia Tyson

Now that elections are over, we have another “newsworthy event” — canceling all group activities. So not being able to do this in person, I am writing this letter to thank the community at large for all of the wonderful support given to me through my volunteer activities.

On March 30, I will be moving to St. Cloud, Fla. to be closer to my daughter as I reach “that age.” It’s only 25 miles south of Walt Disney World, so if you are in the area, give me a call.

And because of all of the charity events being canceled (the last time this happened was 9/11)
I encourage you to forgo buying that extra package of toilet paper that will sit on your shelf and send the money instead to your favorite charity. There are many in this community struggling now
to serve our vulnerable populations. And don’t forget the arts organizations, such as the Alex Theatre!

It has been my greatest pleasure to meet, and work, with many of you through the years.

All the best!


Camille Levee


Our March 25 meeting of the Glendale Burbank and the Foothills Republican Assembly, scheduled at the La Crescenta Women’s Club, has been canceled due to the novel coronavirus.

While we regret the cancellation, we firmly believe it is our patriotic duty to “help flatten the curve,” while being responsible to the community.

We will have a video link on our website featuring the program that Dr. Wen Chen, biochemist and coronavirus/China connection expert would have been presenting to us at the meeting.

Please go to our website,, or our Facebook page to view this link or any upcoming events.

Lois Lee Bland Billings
La Crescenta