Letters to the Editor: Glendale Central Library patron checks out ‘reimagined’ facility, offers his view of its pluses and minuses


Re: “‘Reimagined’ Glendale Central Library celebrates its grand reopening” (May 2) and “Library seeing new life with recent renovations” (July 8-9); as mostly written before the publication of Glendale resident and renovated library critic Michael Mallory’s Aug. 5 Mailbag letter:

For openers, kudos to the designer’s upstairs “Reading Spa,” which allows for a grand view of Central Park and environs.

Plus, a silver star for the two new entrances, which particularly aid patrons who can either park their cars near the main entrance on Harvard Street, in the Maryland Avenue garage, or in the library’s south-side parking lot. And, the air conditioning seems to work OK.

On the other hand, the water flow from the men’s restroom taps is balky. Plus, an imbalance exists in all of the study carrel desks vis-à-vis their chairs; and on the interior’s north side of the library, the views from 15 out of 16 of the carrels’ side window panes no longer have their formerly salubrious, sunlight and traffic-noise-filtering tree foliage!

Also, many east-side parking patrons must now walk further on sidewalks to get to either of the library’s entrances — including those who may need help walking to and from the parking lot’s white-painted curb zones.

Of a special concern is the concrete stairway located behind the information desk. Because, like wow! What if someone falls? There’s currently no carpeting to soften any such fall, plus it lacks a middle-of-the-stairs banister, like the one found at the top of the Brand Library’s upper eight steps.

Last but not least, the library hasn’t replaced its two former pay phones. Now, considering many seniors reportedly don’t own a cell, i.e., a “smart” phone, a “DT-POTUS”-like hashtag for them could sadly read, well, “Sad!”

Harvey Pearson

Los Feliz