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Commentary: Mailbag: Election issues, paper shredding and the recent fight at Hoover draw letters

Having been raised in Glendale, I have attended its schools, participated in its civic life and started businesses here. In time, I eventually started my own family and am raising my children within the welcoming environs of this great Jewel City. I have always wanted the best for this city, since it has always given its best to me and so many others.

In my line of work, commercial real estate sales and investment, I have had great opportunity and responsibility to review and evaluate countless communities prior to deciding where to target investments. One common denominator to every successful city is the quality of its first responders. It is one of the greatest indicators of a community’s future. And, when I have compared these successful communities to our own, Glendale has consistently emerged from review as having the best police and fire department services in the nation.

When I heard about Measure S being on the November ballot, I did my own research. I discovered we are sending $90 million of the sales tax collected here to the county and regional agencies under the current system, with Glendale only receiving $15 million — a meager return on such a great investment. Something was clearly very wrong.

I realized one of the best ways for us to take back control of our tax dollars for the sake our city’s services and its residents is by supporting the passage of Measure S.


No one likes to pay higher taxes and neither do I, however if we as a community are not able to take this opportunity with the passage of Measure S, the county and other agencies will take this opportunity. Glendale must have the funds necessary to maintain the excellent quality of life our families deserve for years to come.

Please vote “Yes” on Measure S with me in the upcoming November elections. It’s what our city needs and deserves.

Sam S. Manoukian

Member, Yes on Measure S Committee




It’s back by popular demand. The Northwest Glendale Homeowners Assn.’s annual Shredding Day will be held on Saturday, Nov. 3, from 9 a.m. to noon. This is the highly anticipated event where you can bring confidential papers, documents, especially old IRS returns, to a professional shredding truck with an attached video camera that allows one to watch the process.

Members of NWGHA are allowed three boxes worth of shredding free and then $5 per box thereafter. Nonmembers pay $5 per box. Residents who live in the Northwest area and are not members can sign up for membership at the time and get the membership rate.

The location is in the parking lot of Grandview Presbyterian Church, 1130 Ruberta Avenue, between Glenoaks and Fifth Street.

Carol Brusha

Board Member, NWGHA




Sacramento politicians are at it again. This time, they’re trying to scare you into believing if you don’t pay 12 cents more for a gallon of gas and $100 more in car registration fees, our roads will crumble. Never mind you already pay huge taxes at the pump to maintain our roads.

The other tactic is to guilt you by saying, “Who can possibly be against paying a few more cents to keep our roads safe?” Remember, those few cents will add up to about $700 per year. Do not let these slick politicians fool you with their propaganda. They will only continue to raid the extra funds in order to pay for their pet projects.

Don’t be deceived by these greedy politicians who will continue to raise your taxes if you let them get away with this gas tax and increase of registration fees. Vote “Yes” on Proposition 6.

Bob Tanabe

La Cañada Flintridge


Well, well, well. There is an elephant in the room and no one is willing to talk about it except in very subtle ways, nibbling around the edges.


At the bottom of the Forum section in the Saturday, Oct. 20 News-Press is a column, The Whiteboard Jungle by Brian Crosby. In that column, various students voiced their opinion of what happened around the “Hoover brawl.”

“Because children learn from their parents … if parents discriminate towards a certain race, the child will grow up and learn that way.”

Was there discrimination against a certain race at the core of the “brawl”? If so please tell us what “race” was discriminated against.

“It is on the students to have a massive hand in keeping the school safe by not using inappropriate language and racial slurs.” Were inappropriate language and racial slurs at the core of the “brawl”? If so please tell us what the inappropriate language and racial slurs were.

“We are a family and shouldn’t be talking about other people and what they look like or what kind of race they are. Everyone should be respected equally.” Who are the people talking about what other people look like or what race they are?

Until such time as a bright light is shown on the truth of what happened to cause the “Hoover brawl,” rumors will run rampant, and the elephant in the center of the room will sit there waiting patiently for the truth.

Jim Kussman