New flight patterns make no sense

Here we go again. A less-than-transparent airport paid for a “secret survey” about replacing the existing terminal (“Poll findings boost terminal proponents,” March 18). They seemed to have left out “expansion” in the questioning of residents.

For decades we've heard the Burbank-Glendale-Pasadena Airport Authority drum beat for a new “safe” terminal, yet during this period, the Federal Aviation Administration has allowed millions of passengers to fly in and out of Bob Hope Airport in spite of a so-called “unsafe” terminal location.

If it's so unsafe, why is it still being used?

The article mentions technological advances in aviation and aircraft. That applies also to the creation of new flight departure patterns southeast from the airport to eastern destinations. Flying west to fly east — making that long loop west over L.A./San Fernando Valley under existing departure flight patterns — to fly to eastern destinations where airport traffic growth opportunities await doesn't make sense in this era of expensive fuel.

Tom Paterson

Valley Village

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