Remember who was watching the store

Isn't is amazing that Glendale Water & Power, having transferred millions and millions of dollars to the Glendale General Fund, is now running a projected $21-million deficit (past performance ensures it will be far more than $21 million)?

This fiasco (“Utility says it's drowning financially,” March 20) was overseen by highly compensated managers at Glendale Water & Power, a now-departed city manager and the always enlightened Glendale City Council.

It makes me sleep better to know our city is run by such incompetence. But I jest.

Rest assured no one is to blame, no one will be fired, no one will be demoted and, just to complete the circle, everyone will be reelected.

We get what we elect and deserve what we get. We should all try and remember who was watching the store when this mess came to pass.

Jim Kussman


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