Enough with the reactionary hysteria

Thursday, April 28 will be the second community outreach meeting in regards to the planned Honolulu Avenue Road Diet. There are people who don't like the idea of bicycles in Glendale, and many of them will cite bad bicyclist behavior as their reason for not wanting any bit of roadway allowed them.

Let us all agree the world is full of idiots. Some idiots drive cars. Some idiots ride bikes. And yes, I know, some idiots write letters to the editor.

Whenever a project is proposed to widen a street, add a lane or expand a freeway to allow for more cars, I don't once recall any driver, even good ones, responding that should never happen because it would allow more bad drivers on the road, even though everyone would agree there are indeed bad drivers who would be using those roads.

It would be nice to hear some actual good, reasonable concerns about this project that could serve its success, rather than the usual reactionary hysteria that comes with all change, progress and new ideas.

Jen Heaslip


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