Schiff should support H.R. 780

This March, Adam Schiff, Glendale's congressman, wrote in a neighboring city's paper, “End the War in Afghanistan.” (Pasadena Star-News, March 31.)

This was a newsworthy announcement, given Rep. Schiff's previous firm support for the war. His explanation of why the war needs to end can't be faulted, yet despite the waste and futility he cogently described, he made no mention of any actions he is taking to actually bring the troops home.

While he presented no arguments in support of continuing the war, we must conclude that he is content with this travesty continuing until the end of 2014 or later, as is the administration plan, if we may use that word for what seems more like schizophrenia.

Since his statement on March 31, 52 NATO coalition service people, 37 of them U.S. troops, have died in Afghanistan. Inevitably many more will be killed, along with Afghan civilians and soldiers.

Certainly we all share responsibility, but officials such as Schiff are in a position to actually do something to prevent more needless suffering.

H.R. 780, The Responsible End to the War in Afghanistan Act, has 70 co-sponsors. It would provide that funds for the war would be used only for the safe and orderly withdrawal of all members of the Armed Forces and Department of Defense contractor personnel who are in Afghanistan.

Schiff's tangible efforts to end this war would be particularly significant. I urge him to back his words with action by vigorously supporting H.R. 780, or to tell us what measures he is putting forth.

Roberta Medford


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