Finding an answer to the drug scourge

Lives ravaged by heroin. Kids sniffing body sprays and dust removers to get high. Think you know what “bath crystals” are for? Think again.

It seems every week, there’s a new drug trend, a new method for getting high. Unfortunately, the ever-changing landscape of drug use continually challenges our youth — and the adults charged with their safety.

If our series on heroin use by columnist Liana Aghajanian is any indication, we haven’t been strong enough to stem the tide. It doesn’t help that, according to a recent Glendale police community meeting, teens now are turning to everyday household items to achieve their highs, which we know can so easily lead to hardcore drugs.

The response to such a crisis no doubt will be complex and multifaceted, but the most obvious start is this: Pull our heads out of the sand. Only then can we hope to find the collective answer that for too long has proved elusive.

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