Steiger and the land of revolving doors

I, for one, do not rue the departure of Glenn Steiger as general manager of Glendale Water & Power (“GWP general manager resigns,” May 24). His legacy of spending $70 million of our money ($50 million from city coffers, $20 million in federal grants) to sneak in the installation of smart meters, at a time when we have been firing teachers and librarians and firemen and school nurses and other important personnel in our city, leaves a bitter aftertaste to some of us. His arrogant responses to those Glendale residents who questioned this project did not endear him to anyone, save perhaps the smart meter vendors and installers.

I only hope that we may find a better replacement of him, one whose priorities coincide with ours. If I remember correctly, immediately after the completion of the smart installation, we were told that the power plant urgently needs upgrading and we don't have the $10 millions or so for that. Wouldn't that had been a priority?

As to Steiger, I am sure that there are some smart meter manufacturers or vendors who might offer him a rewarding position in this, our Land of Revolving Doors.

Theodore Polychronis


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