Zurn needs to watch his back

The caption on the lead article regarding Steve Zurn (“Steve Zurn takes over lead GWP role,” www.glendalenewspress.com, May 30) is interesting. The assumption can be made that Zurn is the new Speedy Alka-Seltzer, brought in to calm Glendale's giant tummy ache. Having worked with Zurn for many years on traffic problems, and as a member/chairman of the Transportation and Parking Commission, I have the highest regard and respect for him, as to knowledge, ability, and as a person.

For that reason, I am apprehensive about his assuming this new position. Nobody with an ounce of sense believes Glenn Steiger got the boot over a botched expense account; more likely it is the mess, and what I can foresee as some massive cost overruns, on the smart meter fiasco, which could really push this city over the financial edge. Steiger had four assistant managers. Not one of them was chosen to fill the position. Two conclusions come to mind: These four are either as incompetent/unprepared the handle the position as Steiger was, or they are all smart enough to not want to go near this fiasco.

Zurn really needs to watch his back, as there are a lot of bloated salaries and obscene pensions that could be at risk, and nice guys always make easy fall guys.

Jim Weling


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