Story on Krikorian comments was unfair

I was very disappointed to see the Glendale News-Press use an unknown, anonymous attack from the Internet to widely circulate a smear of Assembly candidate Greg Krikorian (“Rally comments cause a stir,” May 13). Do you really think it was fair to “report” that “someone” thinks he's like Louis Farrakhan?

Perhaps next week someone can equate Krikorian to Pol Pot and you can put it on the front page.

I realize newspapers use unnamed sources all the time, but in this case, the reporter and his editors had no idea who the anonymous sources were. That has to be a new low in mainstream, “respectable” journalism.

If the newspaper's objective was to further perpetuate the effort of Mike Gatto supporters, you are going to fail. Fomenting bigotry and hatred in our community is something local Republicans will speak out against at all times. It may be a campaign strategy for some Democrats, but it is repulsive to most of us, who live our lives here, whether we are Republicans, Democrats, or Independents.

I have been a Republican my whole life and I served two terms as president of the Glendale Burbank Republican Assembly. GOP voters here are not bigots. I don't care if the candidates name is Missakian, Ramani, or Krikorian. I support fiscal conservatism. I'll support the guys with the polysyllabic ethnic names over the liberal spenders with two-syllable names any day.

It is time to stop the strategy of dividing our community by stirring up hate. I hope the News-Press does not allow itself to be used as a tool in the politically cynical missions of Mike Gatto supporters.

Bill Graham


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