Gas Company's fees are blackmail

It is outrageous to read about the proposed rate increase called Advanced Meter OPT-OUT Program by the Southern California Gas Company. I do feel that the good people of Glendale are being hoodwinked again by offering us a no-choice “fee” of a whopping 17.4% or 27.3% increase (your choice) on our future gas bills.

We are offered two new plans. The first, a Non-CARE Plan (27.3%) for those against this new advanced meter, if not installed, with an initial fee of $75 per customer with a $10 monthly fee increase; or, the second, to those in favor of this new advanced meter, installed in their home, the For CARE Customer Plan (17.4%) with an initial fee of $10 and a $5 monthly fee.

Neither plan should be acceptable and the timing during this struggling economy is poor, at best. Does the thought come to mind about the smart meter fiasco, which is still not forgotten?

Fees are becoming very common. Fees do not require a two-thirds vote and they can be applied very quickly. This is as bad as a robbery, and I can almost visualize how easy it will be to raise this fee every time more money is needed. This program is really blackmail and I truly hope that the people of Glendale can stop this invasion before it becomes unstoppable. Have we lost our voice as citizens of Glendale? I truly hope not.

Edwina L. Hughes


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