Lack of parking a problem for voters

If I were of a conspiratorial mind, I would think that L.A. County and/or Glendale is trying to make it hard for folks to vote.

I live above Santa Carlotta in the Highlands area of Glendale.

In the past, we've voted at a church on New York Avenue or at Dunsmore Park, both north of Foothill, and both with a lot of available parking.

On Tuesday our polling place was at a church on Dunsmore Avenue south of Foothill, with little or no on-site parking, and not much available street parking close by.

I'm afraid that many folks will not have voted — especially in the peak after-work hours, because of this lack of parking — thus effectively having been disenfranchised.

It is my hope that for the general election in November, polling places are sited in convenient, accessible locations for maximum voter turnout.

John Hindsill


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