Note to council: Stay out of La Crescenta

Every time I open this paper I just get so excited to see what the City Council is up to now. First it was my fence they were wanting to take down because it did not conform to their way of thinking. They even went so far as to put liens on homes that refused to either remove or modify them. Sadly, some citizens did remove them under pressure to do so.

Many chose to stand and fight this foolhardy adventure and saw it for what it was, government imposing its will upon citizens of this city I love. Well just drive by and look at my very nice fence — and remember while you’re looking at it that this fence caused council members some real angst in an election year.

I personally led the fight to stop this act of stupidity and will lead the “road diet” fight as well. It’s simple: Stay out of La Crescenta. If anyone needs a diet, it’s you people. If you think 85 people (“Bike lanes losing favor,” June 21) is an unhappy group, stand by. The fight is just getting cranked up. We voted some good people in on the current council, and we can vote them out. My 2,000-plus emails can be mustered any time. Take your road diet and file it away under “Another Stupid Idea.” Stay out of La Crescenta!

Phillip Settle
La Crescenta

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