Hard to understand care opposition

Although the media has been saturated with analysis and commentary from all directions about the recent Supreme Court ruling on “Obamacare,” there seems to be one thing missing in all this — why has the public debate about this legislation and President Obama's strong support of it been inundated with such anger and vitriol, bordering on hate? This is both distressing and depressing for me.

The approval of healthcare legislation was a miracle considering the strong, diverse and often vehemently expressed opinions and also the general dysfunction of Congress. Even so it passed, although, as I expressed on this page at the time, its imperfections needed work. But the irrational screaming against it began immediately after the law's enactment and has continued to this day, even after the Supreme Court's favorable decision.

I've read and heard innumerable comments laced with hyperbole about the coming “battle” in Congress to repeal the long-needed legislation. Come on, folks, let's all rise above the plague of stomach-churning emotion and encourage thoughtful improvement of what we have, which, thankfully, already benefits millions.

Robert Morrison


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