Road diet is an absurd concept

Road diet: The only thing that is more absurd than the concept or the cost is the name.

Only after bicyclists have paid hefty license and road taxes for decades should there be a discussion about removing vehicle lanes and adding designated bike lanes. And then the first item on the agenda should be how the biking public will reimburse the driving public for all the nice roads built and maintained by fuel taxes.

Some $125,000 for an experimental road diet? Federal bicycle improvement funding seems to be Glendale’s miniature version of California’s Central Valley bullet train. Just because Uncle Sam wants to give you a dollar doesn’t mean you have to take it. I think the Glendale City Council should take a couple of years of vacation time to save the city some real money. In fact, maybe they would take the California legislators with them.

Glendale: Where tax payers are losers and it’s open season on utility rate payers.

Chris Lang

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