Antonovich did the right thing

Ron Kaye has it wrong again! (“The most ruthless game," July 14,) Having Antonovich boot out Najarian from Metrolink is actually a good thing. Next to Ron Paul, Antonovich is my favorite Republican.

Last year we had Zarian booted out of the MTA by the governor, and this year we get Najarian kicked out of Metrolink. These were the two guys who celebrated the expensive freeway to nowhere — the useless bridge to the Disney campus that hardly anyone uses.

We don't need to go very far to see that Najarian's vision on transportation is myopic. Years ago while on the Transportation and Parking commission, he fought the traffic calming efforts in residential neighborhoods near Glendale Community College. He doesn't give one iota about the traffic congestion brought on by concentrating ultra-high-density development south of Glenoaks.

Getting rid of Najarian should be item A-1 on any politician's to-do list, or of anyone who cares about the ruthless game of wasting taxpayer's money.

Antonovich — you rock!

Herbert Molano

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