Waiting for the bigger issues

The heat of the summer is upon us, and so is the political season. Locally, only one race has really begun to boil: the 43rd Assembly District race between Mike Gatto and Greg Krikorian. Gatto, a Democrat, is the incumbent, and enjoys a registration advantage of nearly 2-to-1. Krikorian, a Republican, is a longtime board member on the Glendale Unified School District, and is extremely well known, and liked, in this community.

As yet, little has been spoken or written about what each would hope to do — or continue doing — in Sacramento. Frankly, many voters could hardly be blamed for not understanding, or caring, what exactly our dysfunctional, petty and partisan state Legislature's members do.

Much of the local discourse has been about news of the Krikorian family's bankruptcy. People may ask if this is relevant. It is, in part because Krikorian has campaigned on a platform of fiscal responsibility, one belied by his own actions at home. Unfortunately, it has remained relevant because Krikorian continues to talk about it, railing against news coverage as misleading or inaccurate.

In a sense, we are duty-bound to cover these allegations against us, lest we be accused of covering up criticism. But we yearn to write about more substantive issues, and there are many to write. It is still a long way until November. Stay tuned.

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