Running stop signs, catching druggies

While a portion of our police force is out finding nefarious drug users (who cause no harm to any but themselves), I find myself routinely watching drivers at the intersection of Kenneth and Sonora nonchalantly ignoring the stop signs, as if doing so is accepted practice.

If they are supposed to be “slow down” signs, then make some and put them there, and at all the other intersections in the environs — at least we'll all be playing by the same rules. If not, take some of those drug suppression taxes and lazy cops off what has been proven in countless studies is a useless task. Stop catering to the ignorance and unsupported paranoia of the voters.

Here is a suggestion: It has been my repeated observation while walking in the alley that parallels Sonora that it is a favorite spot for getting high. And when users depart, they leave their litter as well. Keep on eye on that alley for a few days and you'll catch a month’s quota of drug fiends.

Sonny Shear

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