Not really part of Rossmoyne district

On behalf of The Glendale Historical Society, I would like to congratulate and commend the residents of Rossmoyne on their successful effort to preserve the architectural integrity, character and property values of the homes in their neighborhood through the establishment of Glendale’s fourth — and so far largest — historic district.

To those who have expressed disappointment in not being included in the new Rossmoyne Historic District (“What about the rest of Rossmoyne?” Mailbag, July 20), I would just like to clarify that the borders of a historic district are determined by historical boundaries and development patterns.

The Rossmoyne Historic District follows the original boundaries of the Rossmoyne Tract, developed by the Haddock-Nibley Company, which was carved out of Judge Erskine Mayo Ross' Rossmoyne Ranch. Although part of the Rossmoyne/Mountain Homeowners Association, the adjacent areas of Bellehurst Park and Bellehurst Hillslopes were developed separately by the Walter Leimert Company on land that had been owned by Ross' uncle, Cameron Erskine Thom.

While the Bellehurst Park and Bellehurst Hillslopes neighborhoods were not historically part of Rossmoyne, they are each most likely eligible for historic district status in their own right. In fact, I would strongly encourage the homeowners in these areas — as well as those in many of Glendale’s older and established neighborhoods — to band together to pursue the historic district designation process.

The Glendale Historical Society is ready and willing to assist any neighborhood that is interested in being a part of this growing preservation movement.

Greg Grammer

Editor's note: The writer is president of the Glendale Historical Society

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