Consider this exercise machine for new park

Re "Council approves park improvements," Aug. 2: South Glendale residents and denizens alike should be very appreciative of being the recipients of such a beneficial state grant. Park users in their teens should surely benefit from publicly available outdoor workout equipment. And mature adults and seniors are also sure to love any state-of-the-art exercise machines that are easy on their joints.

As a senior myself, my own favorite kind of machine is the appropriately named “Air Walker.” Seemingly, only Tri-Active America offered one in years past. (It’s a popular favorite in Tri-Active’s “exercise zone” facility that's located within Debs Park's multi-use sports zones in the city of Bell, for example.) But Greenfield now makes one as well; Norman Houston Park in Los Angeles City Councilman Bernard Parks District happens to have such a Greenfield Air Walker in it.

Well, anyway, I certainly do hope that this specific machine (whether made or sold by Tri-Active America or Greenfield) is indeed among any excellent exercise machines selected for installation in the new Maryland Avenue Park.

Harvey Pearson
Los Feliz

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