The NRA's absolutist position is crazy

A seemingly crazy guy in Colorado was able to freely exercise his 2nd Amendment rights to easily buy a bunch of guns, including an assault rifle killing machine, and enough ammo to make the Taliban jealous.

The National Rifle Association might be happy over gun-purchase freedom, but not so the devastated families of the 12 killed, the 58 painfully wounded victims and, no doubt, the many other traumatized individuals that were in the movie theater that horrendous night.

Those who composed the 2nd Amendment could in no way have envisioned the much, much larger United States population more than 200 years later, with its attendant rampant societal ills and the vast “improvement” in the killing power of guns. It seems reasonable, then, to suggest that the NRA's absolutist opposition to any form of gun control is crazy too.

Robert Morrison



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