California law concerning firearm sales

I have seen several comments about the gun shows at the Glendale Civic Auditorium, which is close to Glendale Community College. Some people argue that this is not the place for a gun show because they fear that someone will purchase a firearm and go shoot up the campus.

I want to make it clear for those who are misinformed that under California law, every firearm sale, including those between private sellers, is subject to a background check conducted by a licensed dealer and the sale is also subject to the state's 10-day waiting period. This means the gun will not be available to be picked up right away. The gun show only runs for two days, on a Saturday and a Sunday, so by the time the 10-day waiting period is up the gun show has packed up and left the Civic Auditorium.

After the 10-day waiting period, the buyer can then pick up his or her firearm from a different location (the vendor's place of business, storefront, etc.).

Alex Hartounian

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