Casagrande's essay should be required reading

The gem of the News-Press is June Casagrande's essays on language and writing. But her contribution on kids ruining language and the casual interpretation using faulty logic ("OMG! Kids are ruining language," Aug.24) should be “must-reading” at Glendale high schools.

I simply love this. June can now spoon-feed reasoning into the minds of her followers with that delicate touch of her lovely prose. She also manages to promote “Freakonomics,” a book that should also be required reading during a high school senior's economics course.

Casagrande demonstrates, I think, that there is a strong causal link between the practice of writing a cohesive essay and the development of a critical mind — or could it be that I am simply co-relating?

OMG! Casagrande is so freakin' good!

Herbert Molano


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